Saturday, July 6, 2019

How To Write a Simple Agreement

One of the most remarkable experiences I had as a business communications lecturer was when my mentor, a Harvard Literature graduate, wrote a simple, one-page agreement with both of us signing it together.

Sure, he used his usual Mac computer -- the only one he would use -- but this savvy gentleman drafted a simple agreement showing what service I will be rendering for his company and how much he will be paying me for it. Of course, it had the proper date of signing and that was about it.

That is totally unheard of among peers and professionals.

Usually, companies present thick documents that will bind you and your soul, backed by an army of lawyers who will take you to task if you fail to abide by the agreement.

Of course, they will make sure you do not understand a bit of all that legalese (legal terms) and word it in the most complex way possible that it will make your head spin.

It's fear tactics.

But don't be afraid.

Take the initiative and create a simple, easy-to-understand, one-page document that clearly outlines the service for whatever fee's been agreed upon.

We serve people with heart.

We don't create fear right from the start or at all.

That late Harvard gentleman was a true professional and he kept his end of the bargain, as I did mine.

As such, we conducted many wonderful workshops together covering many industries.